PM Dahal, NC Prez Deuba address joint NC-Maoist mass meeting in Chitwan

Bharatpur, May 11: Prime Minister and CPN (Maoist Centre) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that the present coalition of the Nepali Congress and CPN (Maoist Centre) became successful to take the country towards local level polls by uniting the Madhes, Hill and Himal regions.
Addressing a joint mass meeting organized by the Nepali Congress and CPN (Maoist Centre) Thursday, the PM said that the present coalition succeeded in uniting different forces that were in diverse directions when Dahal took the government leadership some 10 months ago.
Prime Minister Dahal said that it was on people’s shoulder whether to cast vote to the thoughts and force uniting the Madhes, Hill and Himal, and firmly implementing the constitution or the attitude forcing the country towards division by dividing the Madhes and Hill.
Saying that his government ended the load shedding of up to 16 hours, the PM said it was on people’s hand whether to make victorious to brightness or darkness.
During his speech, Dahal termed Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur the Prime Minister-in-waiting and added that the country would not have arrived to this stage if Girija Prasad Koirala had not led Nepali congress and Prachanda to the Maoist party.
He went on to say that the NC-Maoist alliance in Bharatpur Metropolitan City was not just a coincidence but a necessity of the history and added that the alliance was forged to make Bharatpur an exemplary city in South Asia.
Sharing that country’s economic growth rate hovered around 7 per cent for the first time in 25 years during his government, PM Dahal urged the voters to vote for those preferring development and prosperity.
Prachanda said that the current government is holding the elections by uniting the nation and gave impetus to the economic development despite allegations from the oppositions when he took the charge of the premiership. The PM also said that this election was not the first in the 20 years but the first in the history itself.
The PM also urged the voters not just to assess Renu Dahal, the NC-Maoist mayoral candidate in Bharatpur Metropolitan City, as a daughter of Prachanda and urged to evaluate her contributions given to the party.
Likewise, Nepali Congress President Deuba said that the role of the two parties was vital for establishing the lasting peace and federal democratic republican adding that the two parties were making alliance since the twelve point agreement.
Deuba said, “It was not time to talk about the past but to see the golden future.” He also said that the NC-Maoist alliance would continue during the elections of the province and federal level as well adding that there was no alternative to unity between the two parties for implementation of the constitution.
Deuba said that the people should recognize the force that plots conspiracy to create wrangling in the harmonious society and the existing coalition was for the national unity.
He also directed the party cadres to abide by the party’s directive in letter and spirit adding that the cooperation from both the parties would be exhibited in Pokhara and Bharatpur as well.
Deuba urged the voters to cast votes to the NC-Maoist panel and make mayor and deputy-mayor of the town both women.
During the programme, CPN (Maoist Centre) politburo member Amik Sherchan and Nepali Congress leader and Defense Minister Bal Krishna Khand said that a prosperous nation was likely if the NC-Maoist alliance continued for a decade more.
Mayoral Candidate Renu Dahal and deputy mayor candidate Parbati Shah also expressed their opinions wooing the voters to cast vote in their favour.
In the mass meeting organized at the Bharatpur Buspark, NC leader Jit Narayan Shrestha, Kailash Koirala, Maoist Centre leader Ishwari Bhattarai and others expressed their opinions urging the voters to cast vote for the candidates of the NC-Maoist Centre panel. RSS

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